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YGL Micro ERP 4.0

Manufacturing Solution for Micro Enterprise

Enhance manufacturing operation performance with Micro ERP, a solution that designed specifically for 
Micro Enterprise as an integrated all-in-one ERP solution by bringing the best practices to industry.
What Does It Includes

What Does Micro ERP Cover For Micro Enterprise

By automating and integrating manufacturing process, we strive to provide you get a clearer insight and flexibility of how all aspects of your business are functioning.

Real time updates on critical information enable you greater control over your business, allowing you to respond quickly in order to increase operational efficiency and appropriately to marketing conditions.
Affordable & User-Friendly
We are offering an User-Friendly and Affordable Solution especially for the Micro Enterprises.
Machine Integration 4.0
YGL Micro ERP4.0 able to integrate and develop highly connected systems that conduct operations at the production line level, whilst giving business decision makers the real-time data they require. As a result, it will be possible to track and document the transformation of raw materials through to finished goods.
Automate Production Floor
Automated on the production process will help to fuel production activities, minimize production cost and boost profitability to keep up with market expectations in a profitable way and improve operational processes.
Minimise Workforce Cost
Eliminate the manual operation process and standardized the process within your factory to increase the labour efficiency, improve overall productivity and reduce labour costs.
Analytic Dashboard
Analytic Dashboard allows instantaneous access to work center productivity and empower your entire team with data insights in real-time to make smart business decisions.
Real-Time Online
Provides real-time data, analytics and notifications. Capture data in real-time from your equipment using the API. It helps to manage inventory while avoid shortages or over purchase.

The Challenges of Micro Manufacturers

Without YGL Micro ERP 4.0, business would be forced to essentially run in a vacuum, lacking clear insight into manufacturing were doing that might lead to a wide variety of operational problems.


Disparate information across departments due to company processes are running different software.


Inaccurate routers, work orders, BOMs and errors on calculations machine time, man hours, worker payrolls leads to loss.


Lack of data visibility and real-time data analytics on the shopfloorshed insight lead to costinefficiency and other problems.


Lack of internal communication an knowledge across different department.

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